sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

Healing; Energy painting

Oil painting on foam. 50x70 cm
This painting remember us that we can heal ourselves .We have this ability just we need to connect with the Universe and find our way to health.God send us what we need for this, even if is a natural treatment or chemical one,,a holistic one or any other, this is perfect for us.Just let the mind positive and the heart open to any oportunity.
      The painting represent the unconscient mind which is very deep like the water( sea,ocean,etc), after that comes the conscient mind with the thoughts like the waves and there we can clean all negative and let only the positive thoughts,in this way we let the light to enter inn and we reach a superior level.In this way we clean the unconscient mind too,put order in our conscient mind and reach the healing.
  The mind can save or condemn us.It is the elevator to harmony or suffering; to light or dark; to God or evil.We choose how to use it: to go up or to go down.

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